25 Secret Tips For Women’s Weight Loss

They focus on being healthy instead of their weight

Pssst! Want to hear how women have lost weight long-term? Well, I’ve got a weight loss secret for you. Actually…. I’ve got 25 weight loss secrets for you!

The following 25 tips are the mindset and decisions of healthy, happy women who have lost weight and managed to keep it off and stay in shape:

1. They Focus On Being Healthy Instead Of Their Weight

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

The numero uno reason why healthy people are healthy is that they focus ONLY on being healthy…. get it?

They could care less about weighing a certain amount. As long as they eat good and exercise regularly, they’re good.

2. They Realize That Getting Or Being Healthy Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

While weight shouldn’t be a focus, being overweight or obese is not something to settle for.

People who have successfully lost over 50+ pounds and keep it off takes a long-term, gradual approach to health.

3. They Drink Tea In The Morning

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Drinking tea has a wealth of health benefits including risk reduction of heart disease and boosts brain power.

In addition, it’s an awesome way to start your day.

4. They Make Their Own Coffee

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Some of the coffees at Starbucks have more calories than a slice of deep dish pizza!

That’s why most healthy individuals make their own coffee minus the sugar-laden creamers.

5. They Count Colors, Not Calories

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

One reason some people are out of shape is they’re “color blind.”

Filling your dish with greens, reds, and yellows ensures you are making a nutritious meal that assists with weight loss.

6. They Eat Squash Instead Of Pasta

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

If you’re a pasta-loving person who desires to get in shape, try switching out pasta noodles with squash.

7. They Eat Wild Game Such As Ostrich, Bison, Venison, And Elk

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Some people eat like mountain men to keep their lean figure.

Wild meats like bison and elk typically contain as much protein and iron as beef or pork but have less fat and fewer calories.

8. They Drink A Glass Red Wine Per Day

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

After a long stressful day, what’s better than pouring a tasty glass of wine?

Many studies have touted the health benefits of drinking red wine, including reducing depression and slowing down the aging process.

9. They Choose Light Beer At The Bar

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

If beer is your alcoholic beverage of choice, then make it light to minimize the caloric intake.

10. They Rarely (Or Avoid) Drink Fruity Sodas

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

It is one thing to drink sugary, Cola-Cola type sodas but it’s another to drink fruity sodas.

Despite the stigma that they’re healthy than regular sodas, fruity sodas tend to carry way more sugar than their cola counterparts.

11. They Eat Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches After A Strenuous Workout

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Who said Pb & J sandwiches were just for kids?

They are still a quality meal for us adults too.

In addition, this tasty snack can help you lose weight.

Studies show that eating a Pb & J sandwich can help with muscle building and recovery after a strenuous workout (e.g., lifting weights).

12. They Practice Patience

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

I’m sure that you have heard the old adage, “Patience is a virtue.”

Well…it is!

When you practice patience in life, goals seem easier to accomplish. Weight loss is no different.

13. They Know Organic And Gluten-Free Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Healthy

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Here’s a gigantic secret that most food companies don’t want you to know:

Everything that’s gluten-free and organic isn’t healthy.

Some clever companies use so-called health words such as “organic”, “gluten-free” and “fat-free” as a marketing ploy for health-conscious consumers to buy their products.

Some of these products still use unhealthy substances such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as their main ingredients.

So if you think that organic Oreos is a health food, you’re sadly mistaken.

14. They Use Herbs And Spices For Cooking

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

You need to “spice” up your life to lose weight.

Cooking with herbs and spices (e.g., cinnamon, rosemary, oregano leaves, turmeric, etc.) enhances the nutritious benefits of a healthy meal.

15. They Rather Do Something Active On Their Lunch Break

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

While everybody else is eating lunch on their lunch break, the healthy individual is taking a stroll at the nearby park.

16. They Mostly Do Exercises They Enjoy

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

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Life is too short to do exercises that you dread.

So if you feel like a hamster on a wheel when running on a treadmill, then don’t do it.

17. They Get 7 To 8 Hours Of Sleep Religiously

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Proper sleep is like getting a physical checkup.

People know it’s good for them, but they don’t get enough.

If weight loss and better health is your goal, getting 7 to 8 hours of slumber per night is mandatory.

18. They Socialize With Other Healthy, Fit Individuals

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

As the old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

It is easier to live a healthier lifestyle when you hang out with individuals who live a healthy lifestyle themselves.

19. They Remain Active Outside Of The Gym

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Going to the gym several times per week is great but the key to getting (and staying) fit is to be active outside of it.

20. They Drink H2O First Thing In The Morning

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Want to start your day off in a healthy way?

Drink a cold glass of water upon waking up.

Studies show that it helps cleanse your digestive system and boosts your metabolism.

21. They Are In Tune With Their Body

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Healthy people know what’s good and not so good for their body.

They recognize when they’re TRULY hungry, dehydrated, inflamed, or even getting sick.

Getting in sync with your body may take time, but when you are, it’s easier to stay healthy.

22. They Don’t Live In The Gym

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

There’s more to life than bench pressing and elliptical machines.

Healthy people realize that notion.

They go to the gym a few times, workout for a brief period of time (30 minutes-1 hour), and leave.

You don’t need to spend a lifetime in the gym to lose weight.

Besides, you burn the most calories outside of the gym since your resting metabolic rate (also called basal metabolism) accounts for 60 to 70 percent of your overall metabolism.

23. They Get Up And Stretch Every 30 Minutes

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Because you work at a desk job doesn’t mean your butt has to be glued to your seat.

Stretch it out! Studies show that stretching every 30 minutes to an hour helps increase flexibility, productivity, and eases stress.

24. They Keep Their Freezer Full Of Frozen Fruits And Veggies

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

Your freezer needs frozen fruits and vegetables in its life.

The best thing about frozen fruits and veggie is that their frozen form is their highest nutritional value point.

In addition, frozen foods are often cheaper and last a lot longer.

25. They Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

25 Secret Tips For Women's Weight Loss

So you think that Splenda is splendid? Wrong.

Artificial sweeteners have been discovered to disrupt normal bodily functions and trigger a higher hunger response in the body.

Oh, yea. There is one more weight loss secret that healthy, fit individuals follow…

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