Banana Split Protein Smoothie – A combo of fruits, cocoa and a dose of your favorite protein powder for a delicious way to get in a healthy serving of natural fruits and protein!

This Banana Split Protein Smoothie is a great way to fuel up on your protein!

It’s a delicious blend fresh or frozen strawberries, pineapple, banana, a little cocoa powder, vanilla and your favorite protein powder. And voila, you’ve got yourself a great snack, meal or dessert!

As part of a healthy diet, protein powders will be a great accompaniment to your lifestyle. This is especially important for those just starting out on a vegan diet and not quite sure where to get high amounts of protein in one snack or meal.

They also benefit the busiest or laziest person by ensuring that with one smoothie a day you can meet a good portion of your protein needs. And, if using a protein meal powder, you will also be getting plenty of vitamins and minerals as well.

Protein powders are essential, making it easy for you to get a good amount of protein without much hassle. And, they taste great too!


This is just one version of many protein smoothie recipes. Filled with all natural wholesome ingredients, this banana split protein smoothie will be loved by the whole family. So when you need a protein boost, this YUMMY smoothie will hit the spot!

  • Banana – use fresh or frozen
  • Strawberries – use fresh or frozen
  • Pineapple – fresh or frozen
  • Cacao/Cocoa Powder – for raw use cacao powder
  • Vanilla – optional, but delicious!
  • Sweetener – totally optional, use dates for a raw smoothie.
  • Liquids – use water or your favorite unsweetened non-dairy milk.
  • Protein Powder – Use your favorite plain or flavored protein powder (strawberry, chocolate or vanilla). I’ve been using a raw protein powder from Garden of Life.


  • Simply add the ingredients to your blender and blend until creamy smooth.
  • Top with cacao nibs and cherries for a finishing touch!

It’s easy as can be, and is perfect for a light breakfast, lunch or snack.

Now, it’s your turn to gather your ingredients and make your own!


Place ingredients in blender, except for the cherries, and blend until smooth (if using all fresh fruits, you may want to add 1/2 cup or so of ice cubes along with the water or milk, or use it in place of some of your liquids). Pour into serving glass and enjoy.

Makes just over 2 cups. Serves one generously.

Enjoy your protein in a glass!

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