Simple Swaps for a Healthier Lunch

In honor of American Diabetes Month, we’ve spent the past few weeks loading you up with all kinds of information about diabetes. We’ve tested your knowledge with quizzes, provided easy and delicious recipes, and even brought our Certified Diabetes Educators in on the action to help dispel common myths about the condition.

3 delicious low carb lunches with lots of veggies

And today, deemed National Healthy Lunch Day by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), we’re sharing some simple swaps you can make to your typical mid-day meals to pump up their nutritional value. Check out this great video featuring Nutrisystem’s very own Deanna Otranto and the ADA’s Jennifer Fassbender, as they discuss quick fixes for brown bag meals. Then, keep reading for other simple ways to have a healthier lunch hour.

Sezar salatası tarifi

Typical Lunch #1:
Caesar salad with iceberg lettuce, croutons, cheese and Caesar dressing


Healthier Swaps:
1. Iceberg lettuce for darker leafy greens like Romaine lettuce or spinach
2. Croutons for carrots or bell peppers
3. Regular cheese for low-fat cheese
4. Caesar dressing for a vinegar-based dressing

Sade soda mı meyveli soda mı?

Typical Lunch #2:
Two slices of extra cheese pizza with a soda

Healthier Swaps:

1. Two slices extra cheese pizza for one slice of regular cheese pizza and a side salad
2. Soda for sparkling water

Typical Lunch #3:
Chicken salad sandwich on hoagie roll with mayonnaise, a side of french fries and a sweetened iced tea

Tavuk Etli Sandviç Tarifi İçin Malzemeler Yarım kg fileto tavuk ...

Healthier Swaps:
1. Chicken salad for grilled chicken breast
2. Hoagie roll for whole wheat bread or a whole wheat wrap
3. Mayonnaise for avocado, hummus or light mayo
4. French fries for side of fresh fruit or veggies
5. Sweetened iced tea for water, sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea with a splash of lime

Avokado Nasıl Tüketilir ve Faydaları Nelerdir? - Ne Lazımsa ...

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