Weight Loss Benefits That Go Beyond Slimming


Losing weight is a tough journey for all of us. We spend so much time fixing our workout routines and planning out diets but this these habits are also the easiest to give up. Many give in to their cravings and many don’t wish to continue when they don’t see the desired results fast. However, we forget the benefits we reap by even losing those few extra pounds. Losing 5% of your body weight can have drastic effects on your body.
The most obvious and visible benefit is slimming and overall fitness. However, the effects of weight loss go much beyond what appears from the outside. Here is a list of those hidden ways in which you have helped your body by losing those extra kilos.

No more heartburn
The extra pounds put pressure on the stomach which leads to acid reflux and heartburn, a fiery sensation in the chest. Losing weight would help you relieve this pressure and cure you of the recurring feeling of heartburns
No more knee pain

You relieve a ton of pressure off your knees and legs when you lose those extra pounds. Each extra pound tends to put four times the worth of pressure on the knees. The moment you relieve the extra pressure off the knees, they are able to handle the weight of the body and ache less. This is an important benefit of weight loss and prevents complex joint problems later in life.

Reduced blood pressure
The risk of developing high blood pressure is more in adults who weigh a little extra. Each kilo shed can help in reducing the systolic and diastolic pressure by one point. Therefore, weight loss has a huge role to play in controlling high blood pressure.

Reduces risk of diabetes

Chemicals in the fat cells can cause inflammation that hinders the action of insulin. As soon as we lose weight, these chemicals called adipokines also reduce, thus allowing insulin to level blood sugar levels effectively. Weight gain is a huge risk factor for developing diabetes.

Improved sleep

People with extra weight have poor sleep apnea. Their sleep is obstructed by pauses in their breathing throughout the night. Weight loss reduced this sleep apnea and makes it more restorative. Thus, your body and muscles get the amount of rest it requires.

Extra energy

Weight loss means that your body uses less amount of energy to haul itself around. Which means you can do a greater number of tasks with the same amount of energy resource. This is why you also feel younger when you lose those extra kilos.

More self-esteem

For many, their weight is linked to their self-esteem. The moment they lose those extra kilos they start to feel better about themselves and interact with more people. People are generally happier after having lost some weight.

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