Here’s why you must avoid these foods during periods!

There’s nothing worse than those few days of bloating, stomach cramps and emotional imbalance — ‘periods or pre-menstrual syndrome’ can be the most discomforting feeling and the only resort is good food. Undeniably, food is the best mood lifter and nothing is more comforting than binge eating, but unfortunately what seems soul satiating during those few days can actually worsen the pain and lead to several other digestion related issues.
Salty Foods
Food without salt is impossible to imagine, but did you know, salt causes water retention. Especially, during period and pre menstrual stage, high amount of salt in food can lead to more pain as well bloating. Hence, it is advised to reduce the sodium intake during those few days.

Caffeine Yes! Your favourite stress buster is actually the major cause of cramps and bloating, especially during periods it can obstruct and tighten the vessels that are connected to the uterus. Thereby causing cramps and discomfort.

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level during periods is important. Craving for sugar during those few days is pretty normal, but eating sugary foods, drinks can lead to more cramps In fact, to satiate those sugar craving one, it is often advised to for natural sugar alternatives like jaggery, dates and figs.


Lactose intolerance is a common problem and often leaves you with a bloated. This is due to the presence of arachidonic acid, an omega fatty acid which further leads to bloating and stomach ache. Not only milk but other milk product can also lead to such digestion related issues.

Processed food

Processed foods or canned food can simply aggravate menstrual cramps and make things even worse. The presence of excessive fats, sodium and sugar leads to an increase in the menstrual conditions. Ironically, the food that seems comforting is the most harmful to your health.

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