Love Is in the Air Squat: 8 Couples Workouts for You and Your Man

Working out with your significant other improves your emotional connection, commitment, and sex life. Not only is it good for your relationship, but you will be able to motivate each other in reaching fitness goals.

So, ready to sweat it out with your S.O.? Read on for 8 couples workouts to try with your man.

1. Hook Squats

Squats are essential for looking great in those jeans. This couples workout will have you feeling the burn while strengthening muscles.

Stand facing opposite directions, with your backs touching together. Then get into a squat position.

Place your feet a little farther apart than your hips, with your toes facing forward. Keep your shoulders back and chest up.

Bend down at the same time to squat together. Then stay squatting as you each walk in a slow circle. After you reach a full circle, switch directions.

The farther apart your feet are from each other, the greater work you will place on your thighs and glutes. Aim for 15 reps in each direction.

2. Partner Push-Up

There are a few different variations of this couple workout. All are great for toning up your arms and shoulders.

One partner starts with their belly on the floor. Arms should get bent out to the sides at a 90-degree angle. Palms stay flat on the ground.

As this person pushes up, the other partner should place their hands against their back. This adds some extra weight and resistance. Don’t forget to engage those abs.

You can also switch this up by both doing a push-up at the same time, then high-fiving each other. This move can go side by side or front facing. Be sure to switch sides with your partner after 10 reps.

Or try wheelbarrow push-ups. One partner hooks their feet on the thighs of the other. Then the standing partner squats down.

3. Double Dancer Pose

Yoga is perfect to increase flexibility and tone muscles. It’s full of poses that make for great couples workouts at home. The double dancer pose opens your shoulders while providing a full body stretch.

You both begin in mountain pose, facing each other. One person will take a deep breath then place their weight on the left foot.

Then raise your right heel up to your right buttock while bending your knee and bringing it up towards the sky. Your standing leg should stay strong and rooted into the ground. Your right arm will support your right ankle, helping to hold it up.

Your partner will follow the same steps but on the opposite side. Once you both have the pose stabilized, join hands above your heads.

The idea is to focus on something in front of you to stay balanced. Try gazing into each other’s eyes. Hold the pose for 10 breaths.

It’s important to get into a daily couples workout to improve energy levels. Learn more about wearing workout gear that is comfortable, functional, and attractive to your significant other.

4. Partner Press

Why not try lifting your partner like a bench press weight? This is a great method for strength training and can burn extra fat. This exercise is even more fun in a swimming pool or the ocean.

Have your partner go horizontal, then lift them up into the sky. For a less intense arm workout, try curls instead of overhead presses. The partner getting lifted should stay as straight as possible.

Lunges are other fun workouts for couples at home. Have your partner sit on your shoulders as you go into a deep lunge. This provides added resistance and will get your heart rate up.

5. Sit and Dip

This is an easy exercise to incorporate into your couple workout routine.

One partner sits with their back against the wall and their knees bent out in front. The other partner uses their knees as a table to do a tricep dip. This creates added balance and endurance for both partners.

Or you can reverse this pose and have one partner use a couch to dip. Then the other partner holds their legs and squats down. Switch positions after 20 reps so each partner gets in the same workout.

6. Plank Pass

The plank is excellent for working the full body. This pose uses the side plank to target those hard to reach obliques.

Try this with both partners laying on their right sides, facing the same direction. Then lift your hips up as you put weight on your right arm, coming into a full side plank.

Both partners stretch their free arm into the air. The front partner holds a dumbbell in their hand. They then pass the dumbbell off to the other partner. The pass should go underneath their body.

You may need to rotate your hips a little to reach backward as you pass the dumbbell. The dumbbell pass makes it much harder to balance in your plank. Go for 20 reps then switch sides.

This is a stimulating workout for both partners, and you can expect to see faster results. Partners who plank together increase motivation and can hold their position for 24% longer.

7. Sit-Up Swap

This move will have you both feeling the burn in your abs in no time. It works by passing a dumbbell back and forth while alternating sit-ups.

Sit across from each other while crisscrossing your feet together. Use your ankles to grip your legs together for extra support.

Each partner does a sit up at the same time. Then you take turns passing off the dumbbell back and forth. Aim for 40 dumbbell reps per person.

8. C-Curve Toe Touches

This move comes from the pilates c-curve. Yet it incorporates moving your elevated legs in a circle. You’ll feel it in your core, legs, and shoulders.

Start with both partners laying on their backs side by side. You’ll then come up onto your forearms and lift your legs in the air. Each partner should keep both legs held together, with their spine curved.

Start with your feet side by side, touching in the air. Then moving your legs away from each other to make a full circle. As you complete the circle, then move back up to the top to start again.

For added romance, use your legs to make a heart shape instead of a circle. Switch sides after 12 reps.

Couples Workouts that Lead to a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

After you’ve started a couples workouts routine, you’ll notice positive changes in your lifestyle and relationship. Expect more energy, motivation, and endurance in the bedroom.

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