No Holds Barred: This 30-Minute Home Barre Workout Will Get You Sweatin’

It may seem like you never see cardio in a barre workout, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a killer fat-burning session from one of the trendiest workouts to come out in the past few years! Barre is a ballet-inspired fitness craze that’s been spreading like wildfire to studios all over country, and why not? Using classical dance movements, barre incorporates fitness fundamentals like balance, form, alignment, core engagement, lower-body, strength, and yes, gets the heart absolutely pumpin’ in just a 30-minute session.

Ready to take your cardio center stage? Let’s give this intense 30-minute ballet barre workout a twirl!

Piqué (Pike) Up

Because it’s versatile, tough, and easy to do with little equipment, a pike is an essential part of barre workouts at home. Think of this move as a reverse boat pose with a little extra mustard on it—so yeah, it’ll get your heart pumping.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Get in pushup position: hands directly under your shoulders, body in a straight line
  • Place both feet on sliders
  • Pike up by engaging core, pulling feet in
  • Make sure your hands and shoulders don’t move
  • Slide feet back to starting position
  • Repeat 15x

Arabesque Lunges

Arabesques are some of the most basic and beautiful exercises in ballet; with one foot on the ground and arms outstretched, simply extend your back leg behind you. It’s graceful, it’s elegant–and when it’s paired with lunges, it’s going to get you sweatin’.

Side note: if you’re doing this barre exercise at home, you can easily substitute a bar with the back of a chair.

Here’s how you do arabesque lunges:

  • Standing tall, rest your hands on the barre or the back of a chair
  • Extend your right leg behind you
  • Hinge your hips forward
  • Bring your right leg down
  • Go into a lunge by bending your left knee and sliding your right leg back
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat 10x for each side

Barre Row

It’s so important to include core exercises in your ballet barre workout; that’s why we found this amazing exercise that rocks your core and stretches out your legs. Best of all, you can do it without any equipment. Although the tutu is optional, of course.

Here’s how you can take a lap with the barre row:

  • Lie on a mat, on your back
  • Prop yourself up by your elbows, legs stretched straight in front of you
  • Lift right leg about 6 inches off the floor
  • Keep your core engaged
  • Lift arms so they’re bent at the elbow at shoulder height
  • In a rowing motion, straighten your arms in front of you
  • Hold, and return to starting position
  • Repeat 10 times for each leg

Barre Sit Ups

Every fitness specialty has a unique variation on crunches, and we love the Barre version. Using the bar for leverage, you can absolutely blast your core while defying gravity.

Here’s how to do Barre Sit Ups:

  • Lie down on the floor, face up with your legs touching the barre
  • Make sure your feet are slightly wider than hip-width apart
  • Legs are slightly bent
  • Hook your toes under the barre
  • Core engaged, curl your upper body until you’re sitting up
  • Repeat 30x for 2 sets

Ballerina Squats

Need an awesome move to add to a booty barre workout? Look no further. This amazing move will teach you a thing or two about balance while toning your glutes and lower body.

But first, a little primer on ballet positioning. These start in second position, and that means squatting with your feet hip-distance apart with the toes pointing out sideways.

Here’s how to do ballerina squats:

  • Start in second position, with your hands on a barre or the back of a chair
  • Jump your heels together
  • Jump back out into the second position squat
  • Repeat 10x

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