Put Our Best Chest Workouts to the Test

Looking for the best chest workout so you can achieve maximum gains? You’re definitely not alone! Just keep in mind that you may not find the answer in a single chest exercise—or a single workout, for that matter. We’ve certainly seen more success with a more holistic approach to chest-building exercises and workouts.

But why is building a strong chest so important in the first place? For one thing, our pectoral muscles are some of the largest muscles on the body; along with other upper body muscles, they’re responsible for controlling arm rotation, punching, and upper-body strength. But hey, if you also just want to enjoy a strong, sculpted chest—we get that too!

If you’re ready to finally achieve an awesome, chiseled chest, we’ve collected 5 of our favorite Studio SWEAT onDemand classes with the best chest workouts you can try at home.

An Hour of Power

While we are putting the spotlight on the chest for this blog, the best chest workouts are the ones that work the ENTIRE body. That’s why we love this full-body workout that doesn’t forget the chest—and pretty much gets you sweatin’ your heart out. In an hour, you’ll be targeting areas like the chest, back, glutes, legs, and so much more. Plus, we threw in a few surprise cardio sprints just to shake things up!

Carve it Up: Back & Chest

We adore this workout! With just a couple of dumbbells and a lot of willpower, Brian will give you some of the best chest building exercises you can do at home. This workout consists of two 9-minute circuits, broken up by a rest-period. Think you can hack it? Then get ready to transform your upper body!

Total TRX

Don’t people just look so graceful when doing TRX? Don’t be fooled. With just your bodyweight and a little bit of gravity, TRX gives you some of the best bodyweight chest exercises ever—especially this 25-minute TRX total body blast class. This video packs a lot in less than a half-an-hour, so get ready to work through your entire body, especially your chest, one-by-one.

Get Sculpted Like Michelangelo

Ready to take your chest workouts to the next level? This Spin/Sculpt combo workout packs chest-building exercises between some challenging Spin sprints. You’ll climb. You’ll sweat. You’ll take a “breather” that’s really more like a series of fat-burning, chest-sculpting exercises. Then, you’ll climb some more. Yeah—this class is for the serious SWEATer you always knew you could be. So, if you’re ready for the ultimate chest workout, then make like Michelangelo and get sculptin’!

Pack a Punch

Drop and give us 20! Awaken the warrior within during this Run and Sculpt workout that’ll get you absolutely sweatin’. This class has pushups galore, along with a ton of fat-torching cardio in the form of squats, lunges, and more. And just to shake things up a bit, we’ll throw in a few punches to really get your arms and chest working!

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