Recipe: Ice Cream – With Only 2 Ingredients

Who says you need a bulky machine and loads of expensive ingredients to make your own batch of delicious ice-cream!? With this naughty dessert you only need 2 ingredients, cream and condensed milk, plus your vanilla extract for flavoring. It takes no time at all, so what are you waiting for? You’ll never buy ice-cream from the store again after you try this recipe.

•    2 cups cream
•    14 oz. sweet condensed milk

•    1 tsp. vanilla extract for flavoring

1. Take a large mixing bowl, and pour in the cream. Give the cream a good whisk, either by hand or with an electric whisk to save time. Stop when you have a nice thick and airy texture.
2. Now add your vanilla extract for flavoring.
3. Take some of the cream and mix it in a separate bowl with the condensed milk, then add this to the main bowl, making sure you don’t lose the thick consistency.
4. Now pour into a tray and freeze for 6 hours.
5. Then take a scoop or two and serve with your favorite toppings.

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